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November 19, 2012

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Why "Identity and Innovation in Indonesia" as a theme?

Coming up with a theme that properly captures the spirit of Jakarta Selatan was no easy task so we tried to think about what it is that ties together our impressive list of speakers. After some brainstorming sessions we decided on a theme that was broad enough to expand on in various disciplines yet specific enough to create a similar focus for all.

“Identity and Innovation in Indonesia” was the winner for the relevance it has to this point and time in the country's history. Indonesia is in a state of transition: from rural to urban, central to district-level power, authoritarian rule to democracy, regional player to an actor on the international stage. No transition is without its problems and we realize the country is beset by many. Focusing on those myriad and complex issues is best left to the press and our friends in civil society as well as the government. What we hope to do is utilize the unique format of a TEDx talk to highlight some of the individuals in this country who have dedicated their lives to helping the country develop in a constructive fashion and one that is inclusive in nature.

As you will have noticed, not all of the speakers are Indonesian but what they do have in common is multiple decades of living, working and experiencing the bumps along the way in the country's development and a keen understanding of the hopes and fears of citizens at all levels of society. Gone are the days when digging up the country's abundant natural resources underpinned a model of growth. We must now look to the millions of dynamic, creative and curious minds that populate this fascinating country as the source of sustainable growth. Innovation and identity are symbiotic in nature and how one shapes the other (and Indonesia) is a phenomenon we hope to explore in 2012. By doing so we hope our speakers succeed in stimulating an active exchange of ideas with our guests in the audience and a discussion of how we can all help keep Indonesia on a path to prosperity that values and protects its natural resources instead of recklessly exploiting them.

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