Sugianto Tandio

Sugianto Tandio has served as President Director of PT Tirta Marta, a flexible packaging company, since 1994. Prior to founding the company based in Tangerang he served as an engineer at 3M in Minnesota from 1988 until 1994. After ten years of research and development he successfully commercialized two new environmentally-friendly plastic solutions, which he patented as OXIUM® and ECOPLAS®.

PT Tirta Marta has won numerous awards for its progressive practices and all of its sourcing from local tapioca cooperatives follows Fair Trade standards. His technologies have played a significant role in reducing waste in Indonesia over the last two years by introducing an affordable solution to the plastic bag life-cycle.

With an emphasis on efficacy and collaborative strategy, his innovations in degradable plastic are beginning to lead the way for the world to think of new ways of dealing with everyday plastic consumption.  He will discuss his vision for a greener Indonesia in his talk “Cassava: An Indonesian Solution to the Global Waste Problem.”