Leonard Theosabrata

Leonard Theosabrata comes from a long line of furniture makers and inherits his love of the craft from his father, Yos, who spent 30 years in the business. After graduating from art school in Pasadena, Leo created his own line of furniture under the Accupunto brand and started the LTD Studio focused on interior and product design. Not content with just clean lines, his career path has been nearly as curvy as his signature Ergonic collection of chairs. In 2009 he co-founded Whiteboardjournal.com, an online lifestyle portal, and was one of the masterminds behind the wildly popular Brightspot Market.

His latest venture is The Goods Dept, a project he launched with several friends to discover talented local designers and provide them a sophisticated space in which to sell their goods at affordable prices. This new concept of high-end flea market meets trendy boutique has earned them thousands of loyal followers in Jakarta, where a second outlet is scheduled to open in 2013. He will discuss his love of design in his talk on “The New Direction of Indonesia’s Creative Culture” and how he hopes design can help propel the country toward a more prosperous, and stylish, future.