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October 13, 2012

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Introducing TEDxJakSel

The latest addition to the TEDx community in Indonesia hails from South Jakarta – or Jakarta Selatan, better known as JakSel. Our inaugural TEDxJakSel event will feature ten incredible speakers from the U.S. and Indonesia who are all leaders in their fields. They will offer unique perspectives on ?Identity and Innovation in Indonesia? and discuss how they are pursuing equitable growth and innovative solutions to help shape a new identity for the country.

We hope to encourage an active exchange of ideas and highlight people doing things to change perceptions of Indonesia as a place that is only endowed with natural resources to be exploited or a giant consumer market to tap. We want to show that great ideas are being developed along with innovative and original clash royale hack 2017 apk minds. Indonesia and its identity are changing rapidly and starting with our event in November 2012, we hope to showcase some of the incredible things happening here.

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