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November 19, 2012

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Feedback from TEDxJakSel 2012

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To all of the TEDx'ers who attended our event “Identity and Innovation in Indonesia” we are most grateful for all of your positive feedback. While we heard that we could have had a bit more food or maybe shorter intermissions, the overall response was positive. Following are some of the comments we received from the feedback forms that attendees filled out at the end of the day:

- Great event, love the speakers

- For next event please get more young speakers

- Keep spreading ideas in JakSel

- All the speakers were good. We are waiting for the next event

- For a first event, this one was GREAT

- I enjoyed it so much

- They were totally inspiring talks. Hopefully there will be more events from TEDxJakSel

- The talks were excellent

- Excellent, loved the format

- Menurut saya acara TEDxJakSel sangat bagus untuk tetap selalu ada

- It was a fantastic day. I really enjoyed all of the speakers very much. Well organized and well executed. I look forward to the next one soon!

- The event was fantastic. The MC was fun and did a great job. The speakers did a wonderful job and the topics were interesting and diverse. Overall the event was very well organized, it ran on time, the staff were friendly and helpful and the food and beverages very good. The gift bags were also a nice touch. Congrats on the event!

- It was a very inspiring event. My mind was blown away with thoughts and ideas for change. It should be a regular event. Wish you all the best and keep spreading ideasĀ  all around the world!

- Congrats for the first event. A very-well organized event, a great selection of speakers and very inspiring, especially for Indonesia. Hope you do this event frequently and keep up the great work.

- Great event! Very inspiring! I would be pleased to come again to other TEDxJakSel events.

- The talks were all very informative and entertaining

- Fantastic job. The challenge now is to make this bigger, more accessible and to maintain the great list of speakers.


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